Okay, guys. I selfishly need your help for a hot second.

I'm doing some MAJOR construction to my business this year in anticipation for a new brand and custom website launch in November 2017! I am also officially moving my business from East to West and settling with Chester in San Francisco in Summer 2018 once he gets out of the Navy! Woohoo! FINALLY some stability.

So in preparation for all that, I want to ask you a few quick questions that are shamefully all about me. My goal is for my potential clients to read my About Me and instantly get a picture of who I am, not some fake, over-the-top version of me. I also hate writing about myself because I feel it comes off completely contrived. SO what I've decided to do is gather the answers to these questions from several of my closest pals and use a copywriter to string all the answers into a concise, to the point, About Me section. Sound cool?


Dude, thank you SO much for all of your help. I hate making things all about me, but you are helping me create a virtual first-impression and I want it to be as authentic as possible!

YOU ROCK and thank you for being such an amazing friend through thick and thin.


With Gratitude,

You can do this totally anonymously, or out yourself here:
You can do this totally anonymously, or out yourself here: