We will get to know each other well, because I've learned that taking real photos of people in love requires an intimacy that can only be forged by spending quality time together. I never want to be a stranger that shows up on your wedding day, pretends they know you, and asks you to tenderly kiss on camera. My top priority is your comfort. You aren't all lovey-dovey in front of a camera all the time, and I'm not going to force you to be, but I know that showing up as a trusted friend will help you open up and feel way more confident.

Finding the right photographer for you is just as important as finding the right couple for me. Therefore, it's extremely important that we connect on an artistic level as well as a personal level. Beautiful and authentic imagery is one of the top priorities of the couples I work with, and their adventurous spirit embraces the spontaneousness of the day. They are excited to get married for the marriage, not to re-create a wedding they saw on Pinterest. 

I love creating a bespoke experience for you because I get inspired by your energy, your romance, your vision, and who you are as human beings. Whether you're getting married on a cliffside, a backyard, or a manor house - I am there to capture your story in the most epic and honest way where you see your truest selves in the photos.

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Wanna elope but you’re afraid your family would give you hell for it?

About 70% couples have come to me with this exact issue — so I hear you. And I get it! My husband and I eloped for so many reasons, and it was the best decision for us, but of course I still wish that we could have done a full wedding day as well.

Now, here’s the thing. I want to tell you you can do BOTH. You can “elope” and have a wedding! I offer “Adventure Sessions” rather than traditional engagement sessions for those who want to escape and do an elopement-style shoot on the side of an epic mountain, a tropical paradise, or a place they’ve been dying to go as a couple.

I fly or drive anywhere in the WORLD, we spend the day together, explore, grab food and drinks, swap through multiple outfits and locations, all while taking magazine-worthy photos of your romance.

We get to know each other well during this “up leveled” engagement session so that on your wedding day, you can just relax and be you. It’s a win-win-win. (And even if you’re already married, give yourself an excuse to get awesome photos and let’s do this)!

Choose between one or two day adventures, add full editorial styling and artistic direction to make your dreams come true, and we'll go anywhere your heart desires. (Travel anywhere in the US is included)!








I aim to infuse artistic vision into the fast-paced, living and breathing wedding day. I carefully compose images as the day unfolds, using subtle artistic direction to enhance the beauty of each moment as it is happening: a mix of comfortably guiding you, and hanging back to let raw moments play out. I'm ultimately driven and dedicated to make images that are bespoke to YOUR romance; never a cut-and-paste of what has been done before. I am completely inspired by each of you as people, and I am powered the uniqueness of the events, the environment, and the emotions throughout your day.

I specialize in affairs for those with creative hearts and a bit more non-traditional views on how a wedding should be. I fully welcome your adventurous spirit, breathtaking environments, small guest lists, and rad, out-of-the-box receptions. I believe your wedding should be an expression of your love and individuality as a couple. So if you're lookin to do the usual church wedding and ballroom reception, we probably aren't gonna click. The more creative, boho, industrial, old world, flower-filled, outdoorsy, and unique, the better.

All wedding collections, therefore, are created especially for you. It's like ordering Dealer's Choice at a bar -- you tell me what you'd love, and I craft the perfect collection for you. 










A lovely series of intimate, dreamy, romantic portraits that chronicle this beautiful and important part of your young life: your days as a bride.

Take a day to delight in being a bride. We'll capture pretty portraits of you at home or at your venue a few days before your wedding. Choose to wear a flowing robe, a few pieces of lingerie, your favorite outfit, or put on your wedding gown for photographs of just you. We can also bring in a team to editorially style your portraits with beautiful hair and makeup, florals, setting, and details.

I've always been inspired by The Secret Garden and The Little Princess stories by Frances Hodgson Burnett. That's what fuels my passion for Bridal boudoir and portraiture - the desire to immortalize the youthful sense of adventure, playfulness, romance, and wonder you feel as a young girl.