7 things to do,

7 days before your wedding day

Your best day ever is only a week away! Here are some tips to reduce your stress and prepare during your 7 day countdown.

These tips are for brides AND grooms! The biggest piece of advice I have for you two: Invest more in you than on any other thing for your wedding. If you're centered, relaxed, and stoked for your awesome party -- then it'll truly be the best day ever!


1. EAT. Seriously. Please eat. Don’t try to starve yourself to shed off one or two measly pounds in the final few days. Don’t start a new diet or change your exercise routine. The one pound you might lose this week won’t matter, but what will is having the energy to make it though the day without fainting or getting cranky! Eat healthy, well-balanced meals with lots of protein (and iron to reduce bruising).


2. RELAX YOUR MIND AND BODY. Relax. It’s such an exciting time of your life and there’s no reason to freak out. Remember why you’re getting married! Your whole wedding experience won’t be determined by your perfectly-calligraphied chalkboard signs. If you’re relaxed and positive, ready to soak in all the goodness with a smile on your face... that will make your day! You’ve already done all the hard work, so go get a couples' massage a few days before the wedding to loosen up your body and mind. The biggest investment you can make for your wedding is in your attitude. Get plenty of sleep so you can wake up relaxed and ready, and looking your best. It’ll be awesome.


3. BEWARE OF THE ORANGE. You're worried you'll look washed out in your dress, so you're going to get a spray tan. Don’t do it. For the love of God, don't. Cancel your appointment for your fake bake, spray tan, or tanning booth. Stay out of the sun to avoid burns. Now’s not the time to experiment with your skin tone. If you’re not normally tan, that’s OKAY! Your fiancé is marrying you & your natural glow, not an orange-tinted you. You're beautiful when you're not orange. Oompa loompa skin isn't for you, trust me. Have I drilled into your head enough that you’ll look orange? Because you will. Especially in your photos. 


4. DON’T CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE. As a rule, if you haven't done something for a month straight... 7 days before a very important day is not a spectacular time try a new thing. Don’t play intensive or contact sports (*ahem* grooms), don’t use new makeup or skincare products, don’t color or cut your hair, and avoid getting sick by avoiding enclosed public places as much as you can (such as malls, restaurants, day cares/schools, etc) and by getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night.


5. ASK FOR HELP. Designate friends and family to help you with certain tasks. There is NO WAY you can handle or control everything all by yourself on your day. Your friends and family, especially your wedding party and planner, are there for you. Kindly ask them for assistance on little things here and there to make your life easier and stress-free. Remember to say thank you! Starbucks cards are always a nice little gift. Also, work with your vendors closely. Ask them for advice, help, and tips that pertain to their expertise. (For the florist: Where should we pin boutonnieres? For the photographer: How much time will we have for family photos? Will the reception lighting look good in photos? etc.) They are in the wedding industry, so chances are, they know a few things about weddings ;)


6. PREP & ORGANIZE. During the final week, gather all of your details in a box or bag for the photographer (include all of the pinterest-worthy goodies you’d like photographed: paper goods, ring boxes, ribbons, perfume, gifts, notes, shoes, etc), prep tips in labeled envelopes, separate out ceremony decorations from reception decorations, pack up gifts for your parents, bridal party, etc. The more organized and packed up you are before the day, the better. Make a checklist for you and for the people helping you. You won’t have to scramble at the last minute to find things or worry if you forgot your “something blue.”


7. CALL YOUR FAMILY! Remember your family. You are uniting two families with your marriage, and family takes your wedding seriously. Make sure families on both sides are aware of when and where you need them. Give them a phone call personally about a week before your wedding. Don’t text or email. Call them! Thank them for coming all the way to your wedding, and let them ask you any questions about the day, what to wear, etc. Weddings are a bit different now from when they got married, so walk them through your plans and chat about what you’re most excited about! Let them know if their family will be in the group portraits during cocktail hour and tell them where to meet up after the ceremony. Most importantly, catch up and ask them what’s going on in their lives. It’s best to do a full check in with them on the phone, because quite honestly you won’t be able to devote the time they deserve on your wedding day. If you have time, call anyone else you haven’t seen in a while to show that you care and are thankful they are coming.


Here's to a stress-free and happy wedding! Congratulations!