(yeah, even my parents have never called me "Victoria"...)

When I get to know someone, I don't ask them what they do, I ask them what they LOVE to do. I find when you ask someone what their job is, they say "I'm a whatever," and then you're off to small talk about the weather or sports or some other boring shit. UGH.

Look, I know we are complete strangers right now. Since you're considering having me along to artistically capture the most intimate, personal, subtle, poignant, and meaningful moments of your life, I feel that giving you a flowery description of myself detailing my love of coffee and traveling would be completely useless to you.

If I'm going to be your pal and trusty capturer of your once-in-a-lifetime romance, we gotta be vibin' as humans.




So here are some real deal things about me that you may actually care to know:


I'm 28 years old, born on March 2nd for all you Pieces out there, and I got married when I was 24.

I grew up in Ashburn, Virginia as the eldest child of parents in the Aerospace industry. I have 2 full brothers, a step-brother, and 3 half-siblings that are 20 years younger than me. (So, if you have a crazy family structure, I feel ya).

I eloped, and we had a really intimate vow renewal last October in San Diego. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I was so excited to just be married to my amazing husband, Chester, and I hate being the center of attention. I know it's blasphemous to elope as a wedding photographer, but full-scale weddings aren't for everyone!

I get excited. About everything. (Especially when the light is super good). My husband had to beg me to stop going "OOH! OOH!" all of a sudden when he is driving and I point out a cool plant on the side of the road because I will scare him and get us killed.

I'm a huge nerd. I went to a magnet school for advanced math, science, and research in high school and to the College of William & Mary for a degree in environmental policy.


I am inspired by going outside and exploring striking landscapes: especially rugged ocean cliffs, foggy days, tropical islands, and secret gardens.

I have the mouth of a sailor, and while I keep that under wraps for my business interactions (and at your wedding, duh), when we are one-on-one I hope you don't mind me saying, "AH! That's fucking amazing!" Because I'm a human.

I'm a neat-freak. Presentation, of self and things, is important to me.

I have a background in the performing arts. I was a ballerina for 10 years, a drama kid, and was first-chair flute / piccolo. I even "started" a silly all-girl punk band called Toast in 10th grade where I attempted to play the drums.

I love comedy. I am a huge stand-up comedy fangirl, I've seen every episode of SNL, and I was involved with the sketch comedy group in college.

I'll eat all the tacos.

I'm overly positive because I know I have one shot at this life and I want it to be awesome.


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photographs of Tori courtesy of Lauren Scotti